Recycling of polyurethane foam aerosols (LER 150111, 160504)

Aerosols are the waste very difficult to treat and within the range of aerosols, the ones containing polyurethane foam are the most critical. Dana Reciclajes converts aerosol containers from hazardous waste into scrap metal!
Poliuretano en aerosol

Polyurethane is a synthetic resin, obtained by condensation of polyester. It is characterized by its low density and is widely used as a thermal insulation, resilient foam, durable elastomeric, adhesive, sealant, among others application.

Our professional staffs collect your polyurethane aerosols, which will to be weighted in our facilities, and the resulting value will be billed.

Once in our recycling plant, the technicians will carry out the disarmament of the aerosols. Residual polyurethane and the aerosol container are treated by thermo destruction, and the residual butane is filtered and reused in the furnace as fuel.

The alcohol obtained during this process is redistilled and valued.

The remaining materials are segregated and crushed, giving as result plastics and metals that can be reused in new products.

We also recycle and destroy others types of aerosols:
Destruir aerosol polietileno

  • Technical aerosols
  • Pharmaceutical aerosols
  • Polyurethane aerosols
  • Halogenated technical aerosols
  • Insecticides and pesticides aerosols
  • Aerosols for cosmetics
  • Paint aerosols
  • Foodstuff aerosols