Our motivation

Such a simple gesture as recycling has great benefits for environment, economy and health.

The waste, dumped uncontrollably in the environment, some of them hazardous waste, can cause severe damage to the flora and fauna and contaminate rivers and aquifers. Furthermore of prevention of harm, the recycling is an alternative to waste disposal at the landfills, which ones are each day more saturated.

The recycling materials can be reused for new products. The plastic packaging is converted in new bags, fibers, street furniture or construction materials; aluminum and steel are reused for new packaging and foils; paper and cardboard become boxes, newspapers, wrapping paper or writing paper; and glass transforms in bottles and new objects.

Our services

Therefore, the main activity of Dana Reciclajes S.L.U. focuses on controlling the processes of decontamination, pressing, sorting and recycling all materials that have served their lifecycle as a product and need to be recovered and recycled for reuse or destroyed to prevent environmental pollution.